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//Discussions of Inspiration and Muses.. (Plus some Kpop..)

So, I’ve been meaning to talk to you guys for awhile now about inspiration and my muses. I’ve created and (accidentally) destroyed two or three different drafts of discussions and I’m deciding I should just combine them.

So… Let’s talk about my muse, shall we?

My Writing Muse

My writing muse is literally my OC. He’s a fiery (literally… and, of course, stereotypically…) and brooding individual that really (ahaha) fires up my world… Which makes me seem a little crazy but bear with me.

Cover art of the Celldweller album, End of an Empire. I do not own this artwork.

So I’ve been writing The Book since middle school. Long before Celldweller dyed his hair red and published his album, End of an Empire. But let’s be fair… he looks like Merrikh. sans hair flip. sans… well… actually… he’s pretty close to how I’ve always envisioned Merrikh. Merrikh just has more tanned skin… and fancy ears. Cuz… he’s an alien.

He’s the first-mate of the spaceship–but really in name only. He’s just best buddies with the captain and actually manages the “boiler” room of the ship.

He has a fancy history where he was supposed to be somewhat of an accountant back on his home planet. Until his sister (beautiful Anisia, the far-seer. We’ll talk about her later.) foresaw the end of their planetary system as they knew it and called him home from his studies on their planets’ moon.

That’s when he became a ship mechanic and got in good with this super sweet midget who likes ale.

He’s super handy because he’s got such a good (and sometimes awful) personality. Whenever I write a scene with him, he’s always in the corner of my mind crying, banging his head against walls, or hovering over “my shoulder” rooting me on. I really can’t help but talk to him sometimes.

He wasn’t always my muse though.

As a matter of fact, I completely dropped The Book until high school. I had been working on two other worlds that I’ll probably finish in another decade… Maybe. But honestly, the story didn’t really take off like it was supposed to, until well into high school. I’d written about thirty pages from Merrikh’s lover’s point of view, and it just wasn’t going anywhere. No matter how I tried, it just didn’t move like it should have.

I’ve already kind of spoken about this here.

But leading on from that conversation, I really need to build on his love interest, A.B. Reason? well… that’s pretty simple.

How can I let him settle for less than the best? He deserves a certain romance story, and I’m responsible for giving my muse the woman he deserves, the story he deserves.

We’ll see how that plays out.

In the meantime, I’ll write silly “fan fiction” of Merrikh (parallel worlds and scenarios with my own OC.) until I get the guts to write A.B. again. Cuz she needs to be much more real than she is now. My muse deserves it.


My Real-Life Muse


I’m not sure if I’ve told you guys yet, but I’m a total video game geek. “Her DPS, His Healer.” Yeah. We’re adorable.

There’s another fiery redhead that occupies my life. (Funny how that happens, eh?)

He honestly got me to thinking a lot about The Book. He challenges me at every step along the way. And as frustrating as that is sometimes, it really does shape the story. He’s like my stubborn editor who tells me what’s realistic and what really really doesn’t work.

He sees the flow and tells me that I need to get my butt in gear.

Without him, the book probably wouldn’t be the 200 pages it is now. Honestly.

We fight. We cry. We laugh. We love. We support one another. We push on. We fit each other in that weird way that people sometimes do.

His stubbornness and blunt “Here’s what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.” is probably what attracted me to him in the first place.

So, three years into this relationship, and I’m super blessed. I guess maybe I’m posting this bit because we’re coming up on Valentine’s Day.

I did a thing. I wrote down all the things that reminded me of and made me love him, and I was surprised to find how far I could go with the little phrases, nouns, inside jokes, and adjectives.

When I play those role playing games with the dating sim aspect, I sometimes think of him telling me the things the

Jaebum from the kpop group GOT7

same things the guys say… and it makes me giggle. ‘cuz he’d never say them that way. Not ever. Not in a million years. It makes the games more entertaining, that’s for certain. And while every girl can appreciate a super hot romance novel, or have their heart skip a beat at a kdrama, or when a kpop star blows a kiss at the screen, it doesn’t undermine reality. I guess it bolsters it. (For me at least.) He makes me feel seriously beautiful. And you can’t put a price on that.

From “Beautiful Target” MV by B1A4

I guess maybe I’m going through another “honeymoon” phase, but really, guys, this man really makes my heart pound and my chest feel warm.


When I talk to him, I want to write. I’ve actually written a ton of backstory in my time with him–and a lot of the time, they turn out super awesome. The writing can range from video game fan-fiction between our characters in MMORPGs to backstories for Old World of Darkness table-top RPG games. (I told you I was a nerd. 😉 )

He’s my major inspiration.

He makes my world so colorful. I wonder if I’d be as excited about waking up in the morning without his phone calls. ❤

Believe it or not, school.

I’m really inspired by school.

I’ve always been that girl who incessantly raises her hand and answers all the questions. I lead and take a lot of the group-work when we’re assigned groups together. It’s just… in my nature. When no one else steps up to the plate, I have to.

This usually builds up to a ton of extra stress and feeling overworked and underappreciated–and I’ve always been afraid that I’m the obnoxious kid in the class, so that grates on my stress levels too.

And I know that it sounds strange after all that to say that I’m inspired by school, but think about it. You’re building a spaceship: you need to work out the logical kinks in your book. So you’re sitting in physics and they’re talking about centripetal force. And you’re thinking, “Well shit. The fact that I have gravity on my space ship is kinda wonky. I never thought of this before… How do I simulate them G’s? @-@”


This is actually mine, please don’t steal w/o due credit ❤

In Biology classes, you learn about how genetics work (especially recessive genes). You learn how cells come together to form tissues to form organs to form systems to form the body. You play with ideas of homoreptilians and plant-people. What would their cells look like?! How would their bodies maintain homeostasis?


You’re sitting in Health Education class because it’s a dumb elective you needed to take because your advisor says that you really need electives that aren’t so… humanity-like. (shucks, no more English classes?!?) And you hear again what healthy communication is and you think, “Ooh. How violent can I make interactions between my characters? How can I make so and so more passive-aggressive and so and so more of a non-violent communicator?”

You take philosophy/world religions/western civ and formulate an entire culture within a desert-like planetary system.

You take a Creative Writing class and remember that you can do whatever the f** you want with your world. Who needs logic anyways? So you throw magic into a sci-fi novel. Just for funsies.

Music… Need I say more?

Everyone needs an epic soundtrack.

Thank god for pandora, youtube, and spotify. I’ve discovered so much music since I picked up the pen (or laptop) again. My best friend is also seriously helping to add to my writing playlists with Russian/Swedish folk metal and Irish/Scottish jigs. She also helps me find some of the greatest electro/straight swing. The boyfriend (mentioned above) is adding to my rock and alternative music. Work is adding 70’s-80’s catchy guilty-pleasures.

“Cheer Up” M/V TWICE


Who can’t help but sing Karmakarmakarma chameleon?

A lot of the fun ones I’ve discovered/rediscovered this past year:

Thousand Foot Krutch
Alexander Jean
Alice Francis
Crystal Castles

Caravan Palace
Freelance Whales
The Girl and the Dreamcatcher
Porter Robinson
Guns N’ Roses
Matt the Electrician

And sometimes, we could always use a wee bit of kpop. Yknow, like Akdong Musician and that fancy new band, BlackPink. BTS is super hot. GOT7‘s comeback was bae.

This doesn’t segway at all into my next topic, but I’ll force it anyways…


What Inspires You?

So, now I’d like to turn it over to the audience. I’m super curious as to what pushes you. What inspires you? What drives your heart to beating a little faster? What spurs your spirit to creativity?

Are you an artist? A writer? A day-dreamer? How/Where do you find your “flow?”
What/what is your muse?

Does inspiration come in environments, activities, in people?


I’d love to hear from you!


And always, with love,




One response

  1. Awww I hope you and your boyfriend are always together ^^
    Gurl don’t ever feel like you’re the “annoying” kid for asking questions in class. Someone else has the same queston and besides, like you said, if no one else does, who will?
    I think what inspires me is wanting to make others feel something. I want to be their shoulder, to encourage them and guide them, though I’m not that good at it. I’ve been blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life who’ve bent over backwards to help me in tough times, so I want to do all I can for them.
    I of course love music and dramas, but more than that, I just love creativity. Fictional world and characters that make you FEEL things always fascinates me. They’re fake, but they add so much spark to our lives.

    February 12, 2017 at 2:54 am

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