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Battle Buddies Part Two: Beach Buddies

Here we go again.

****Note, if you read my last blog post, this is not from The Book. This is a continuation of Battle Buddies. If you haven’t read the last one, you’re not in HUGE trouble, as these are shorts. However, you will want to read this one before you read Part Three, which will be published on Tuesday this upcoming week.****

Sorry for the short one earlier this week. Here’s the new chapter. It’s a lot longer. Enjoy.

Let me know what you think!!

Oh–right quick, it kinda changes pov’s.

Beach Buddies

“Dylas.” The man jumped as a hand touched his shoulder. He was standing at the beach in his swimming trousers, waiting for a tug at his hook, when Frey dragged him back to the world of the living.

He fell sidewise into the sand and water, gasping and kicking. Frey caught his rod before it went flying, and she took up a seated position on the sand.

He sputtered and glared at her, “What was that for?”

She turned and gave him a brilliant smile. “What?”

She turned back to the task at hand, reeling some of the length of the string in so she could feel the ebb and flow of the current. Dylas shook out the sand and water from his mane, cursing belligerently. He stood and extended his hand to her, “Give it back.”

She turned her head up and gave him an innocent look, “Whatever are you talking about?”

Dylas sighed, eyebrows knitting together, “Give me back my fishing pole. What business do you have sneaking up on someone like that anyways?”

Frey lifted the pole, turning back to the water, “Oh, this? I’m helping you.”

“Helping me, my ass, Frey. Give it back.”

“You know, Dylas,” Frey started, “I’ve noticed something with you.” Dylas raised an eyebrow and bent to take the pole back, but she swung it away from his grasp. “Ah ah ah, no. Hear me out.”

Dylas grumbled and sat in the sand beside her, crossing his arms over his chest.

“The more you fight with someone, the more it means you like them.”

Dylas’ face went from grumpy to shocked and he turned to face her, “What do you mean?”

Frey didn’t look at him, but a smile crept up on her cheeks, a playful dancing set in her eyes. This didn’t bode well… “I’ve noticed a certain someone in your life that has this effect on you. It’s very intriguing. But,” she waved her hands in her face, “I’m not saying any names, or anything,” her eyes crinkled at the corners, smile wide and complete on her cheeks. She leaned closer to him, as though intending to furtively share a sweet secret with him. Dylas’ heart thudded in his chest in that confusing way it did when she was around, and his throat went dry, afraid of what she would say next. “Doug.”

He fell apart. “SHUT UP.” He yelled, grabbing the pole from her hands, and she rolled herself into the sand, clutching at her stomach, giggling in her sing-song voice.

He grimaced and began to reel the hook in. It didn’t seem like he’d get any more peaceful fishing done today.

As he was reeling in, a sharp jerk tugged his shoulders, and with surprise, he pulled back on it. Frey jumped up and took his shoulders, “It’s a fish!” she exclaimed, and if Dylas wasn’t as surprised as she was, he’d roll his eyes at the obvious remark. Instead, he reeled hard against it, leaning against the pull. Damn, this must be a big one!

Frey pulled on his shoulders with surprising strength, holding him firm in the sand as he pulled as hard as he could against the weight and thrust of the catch. It lurched from the water and arced high in the air, a sudden release of tension that threw them both back into the sand in a tangle of arms and legs and groans.

Dylas was made suddenly aware that Frey was in her bathing suit as he fell backwards onto her, realizing that he had landed on skin and not the solid mail she usually wore. A flash of red burned his cheeks and he quickly sat up to see what they had caught, shoving the soft feeling from his mind.

Laying in the sand a few feet away was the pole, and he launched himself at it before the—

He stopped. Frey rolled up from her jumble of limbs and ran on her knees to where he stood, hands reaching out to help—and she stopped mid-air, fingers outstretched. She grinned and pulled the boot from the hook, upturning the water onto the sand before turning to hang it in his face. “That’s a big one,” she said. “Nice catch.”

Dylas stared at her. Her light green hair was dripping with lake water, and the light brown granules of sand patched her skin beneath her jaw, along the curvature of her waist and across a white expanse of thigh. Adrenaline was still thrumming in his veins, and for a breath’s space, all he wanted to do was crush her into his chest and… He shook his head to clear the vision from his eyes in abrupt confusion and pulled the boot from her hands. He stared at it for a moment with a serious countenance. “It is a pretty remarkable size, yes.”

Her green eyes caught his yellow eyes and a grin began to spread across her face. He couldn’t help but feel his own cheeks tugging at a grin, and he let the bubble of a laugh escape from his gut.

He blushed, astonished at his interjection, but Frey had already caught the chuckle, and the blush spurred her into a giggle fest.

Soon enough, the pair were laying in the sand, clutching their stomachs and trying to catch their breath.

“Dylas?” Frey gasped, reaching out to tap his arm after a long while.

“Hmm?” The sky overhead was such a clear blue, and Dylas couldn’t help but be reminded of another place…

“I like you.”

A blush hit his cheeks, and he forced a chuckle, “What?”

“I really like you,” she murmured.

He turned to face her and scowled, “That’s not a very funny joke.”

A flash of a frown dimmed her face, but it was gone as soon as it had appeared, leaving Dylas to wonder if he’d seen it at all. She turned her head back to the sky and laughed, “I guess not. Sorry.”

They were quiet for a little while before Dylas sat up and finished reeling in his line. “So what is it?” he asked over his shoulder, afraid to really look at her.

She stretched her arms out, pushing the sand away from her, and crossed her arms over her stomach, “Wanna go somewhere?”

His ears perked up, “What’s happened this time?”

“It’s Ventuswill…”

Dylas’ heart stopped. He turned to look at her and saw tears along her lower lids. “Is she worse?”

“Well, she’s not getting any better. I need to get those spheres soon, or else…” She caught him looking and turned her body away from him, sitting up and wiping at her eyes.

Dylas frowned, “I had to carry you back last time we tried… You’re not ready—“

“I know,” she said, coughing and turning to face him, “That’s why I need to go and train. And I want you to come with me.”

Dylas stared at her, and a knowing smirk spread across his face, “Alright. Let’s go.”


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